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October 9, 2014

PC / Mac / Linux


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Triggerfish Drill Sergeant is a single-player puzzle game where you organize and recruit troops to create the proper parade ground drill formations. You play a drill sergeant who has been tasked by Headquarters to carry out a series of logistical drills, where the goal is to arrange troops to exactly match the requested troop formation. You accomplish this by recruiting troops -- or blowing them up -- through barracks that are pre-arranged on the parade grounds. All orders are given before the drill starts, to be carried out at the times you chose. As you prove your prowess in organizing these drills, you will be given responsibility over many new types of troops. Coming to understand their unique behaviour will be key to your training. Headquarters will continue to increase the complexity of the drills, as new parade ground obstacles affect the movement of your troops. With enough training, you may be ready to volunteer to lead your troops in war skirmishes. You will need all of your wits to accomplish your objectives.


Triggerfish Drill Sergeant evolved from a simple idea of making a puzzle game where decisions were made in timing, rather than spatial positioning. At a critical juncture, it morphed from an abstract-themed prototype into Anglerteam Games' first project. The new underwater theme helped to refine and strengthen the mechanics.


  • Explore challenging and deep puzzle mechanics.
  • Overcome new obstacles over a multitude of different parade grounds.
  • Face new types of recruits that challenge your planning mastery.
  • Organize your troops in the comfort of relaxing tunes by Forgotten Dawn.
  • Create and play custom user-created drills.


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Selected Articles

  • "I've played a lot of puzzle games in my time and this one is near the top of the crop of weirdness, but it's quite original too. Like most puzzle games it starts off extremely simple and quickly ramps up the difficulty to make you question your own sanity."
    - Liam Dawe, Gaming on Linux

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Triggerfish Drill Sergeant Credits

Tyler Dodds
Game Developer and Designer, Anglerteam Games

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