Triggerfish Drill Sergeant Gameplay

What is Triggerfish Drill Sergeant all about?

The gameplay in Triggerfish Drill Sergeant doesn’t really have a lot of direct comparables, so this page is all about explaining the mechanics in detail!

A brief overview of the gameplay elements can be found in the launch trailer.

Here’s a gameplay trailer, outlining the solving of one particular drill.

Okay, how about a more technical description?

The Goal

In Triggerfish Drill Sergeant, you’re tasked with matching a desired parade ground formation. This means you must have certain fish on certain tiles, each facing a certain direction. At times, these restrictions are relaxed, so perhaps the color of the fish or the direction of fish on a tile isn’t specified — in which case any color (or direction) satisfies the match.

This is represented by the goal map, which shows which tiles need fish on them, which colors are required, and which directions are required.

Some times, there is an exact turn requirement, where the match must occur after an exact number of turns. In other cases, there is no such requirement.

The Fish

The drill advances wave by wave .Your fish will generally move forward by one tile per wave. When fish collide, the weaker ones will swim off the parade grounds, no longer participating in the drill. The same happens if they swim off the parade grounds!

Removing fish like this is often necessary — again, only getting the exact formation match matters!

The Parade Grounds

Some elements of the parade grounds will cause your fish to change direction and move in unexpected ways.  Be prepared!

The Barracks

Barracks will be found at certain parts of the parade grounds. Before the drill, this is where you give orders to recruit troops at later turns throughout the drill. For each drill, only a particular set of recruits will be available. Depending on the recruit, you may be able to choose the following:

  • Is this a demolitions recruit (removes all troops at that location)?
  • The color of the fish
  • The direction of the fish, after coming out of the barracks
  • The number of turns delay before the recruit is ready.

Each barracks will have a minimum delay before any troops can be recruited.

Putting It All Together

How will each drill play out? At first, you’ll check the map to see what your goal is, then take stock of what troops are already on the parade grounds. You might run the drill as it stands to see how things work at the moment.

Then you’ll check the recruits that are available through your barracks. After some careful thinking (and maybe a little trial and error) you’ll assign the appropriate recruits to your barracks. You’ll run the drill, your troops will be recruited at the appropriate times, and hopefully you’ll match the required formation!

Try It Out!

Try out the demo at