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4 Quick methods to install MSI motherboard drivers

If you’re looking to install or update your motherboard drivers, chances are you’ve found yourself spending countless hours searching the Internet for the correct drivers. Sometimes, since your motherboard manufacturer doesn’t provide an official driver download page, you’re left to try and find a suitable driver directly on the internet. For this, you’ll have to perform a search through Google or Bing, and download the drivers yourself.

Installing MSI motherboard drivers is not an easy task, especially when you don’t know any tricks to be successful. But don’t worry, I will show you four quick methods to install MSI motherboard drivers.

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  • Many users wonder how to install MSI motherboard drivers, and luckily you can do it easily with the right guide.
  • Downloading the MSI motherboard drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website is one of the fastest ways to solve the problem.
  • Another way to install the missing MSI drivers is through Device Manager.
  • Using a special utility that installs and fixes missing or defective drivers on your device is another recommended approach.

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Although MSI provides its own set of drivers, it is not uncommon to experience problems related to a faulty or missing driver during or even after installation.

In most cases, problems with malfunctioning drivers lead to other problems with related software, so fixing these problems is a priority.

In this article, we are going to show you the best ways to install MSI motherboard drivers, so feel free to read on.

How do I install MSI motherboard drivers?

1. Use the official MSI website

  1. Go to the official MSI website.
  2. Enter the required data under Find your product.
  3. Then go to the Drivers tab and select your operating system.

  1. Select the mainboard drivers you want to install and click Download.

  1. Launch the installation files and follow the instructions on screen.

2. Using the Device Manager

  1. Press the key combination Windows + R to open Run.
  2. Type the command devmgmt.msc and click OK.

  1. Then click on the category of drivers you want to download, install and update.
  2. Right-click the device and select Update Driver from the pop-up menu.

  1. Then select Automatically check for driver updates.

  1. Windows will now download and install the necessary drivers for your MSI mainboard.

  1. Restart the unit when the process is complete.

3. Windows 10 Update

  1. Press the key combination Windows+I to activate the settings.
  2. In the options that appear, click the Update and Security option.

  1. On the left side, select Windows Update and click Check for updates.

  1. Click Install Now to download and install the found update.

  1. Wait for the process to complete and restart the device.

4. Use of third party special tools

Manually installing MSI motherboard drivers can be tricky, especially if you have no experience with the hardware, and it is possible that things will go wrong.

Therefore, the most reliable and effective method is to use a special third-party utility that will automatically install and repair all defective or missing drivers.

Some of the most common Windows errors and crashes are due to old or incompatible drivers. Failure to update the system can lead to slowdowns, system errors and even BSoDs. To avoid these problems, you can use an automatic utility that finds, downloads and installs the correct version of the driver on your Windows computer in a few clicks. We recommend DriverFix. Here’s how:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Wait until DriverFix has detected all defective drivers.
  4. Now the program will show all drivers that have problems, and you just need to select the one you want to fix.
  5. Wait for DriverFix to download and install the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


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Installing MSI motherboard drivers need not be a difficult task, and we hope the information in this article has been helpful.

Also keep in mind that you can easily install MSI motherboard drivers without a CD. To do this, simply apply the herbs described in our instructions.

Which of the suggested solutions worked best for you and helped you install MSI motherboard drivers? As always, feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install MSI motherboard drivers?

To install MSI motherboard drivers, follow the steps below: 1. Download the MSI motherboard drivers. 2. Save the MSI motherboard drivers to your computer. 3. Double-click on the MSI motherboard drivers to install. How do I uninstall MSI motherboard drivers? To uninstall MSI motherboard drivers, follow the steps below: 1. Click on the Start button and type “manage” into the search bar. Click on the “manage” option. In the left-hand column, click on “Programs and Features”. 4. In the right-hand column, click on “Uninstall a program”. 5. Locate the MSI motherboard drivers and click on the “Uninstall” button. 6. Follow the uninstallation prompts.

Do you need to install MSI motherboard drivers?

No, MSI motherboards are ready-to-use right out of the box.

How do I install a motherboard driver?

The motherboard drivers are typically installed automatically during the initial setup of the operating system.

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