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7 Best PHP 8 Hosting For Fast Loading & 100% Uptime

If you are looking for the best hosting then you should check out the list of the best for PHP 8 Hosting. It is one of the most important things to find the right hosting for your website, because the right hosting can help you to get better loading speed. So, finding the right hosting is the toughest task for the most of the people. So, now let me tell you about the best hosting for PHP 8.

If you are looking for the best PHP 8 hosting, you should check out the list below. All the hosting providers on it are top-quality and offer great performance and reliability. (These are also just general suggestions of the best hosting providers you can find online.) Heres the list of the 7 best PHP 8 hosting providers: 1.  (Your Hosting Provider) 2.  (Your Hosting Provider) 3.  (Your Hosting Provider) 4.  (Your Hosting Provider) 5.  (Your Hosting Provider) 6.  (Your Hosting Provider) 7.  (Your Hosting Provider)

Choosing a hosting service for your website is not an easy thing. And when you’re looking for a host for your PHP 8 based website, it gets even more difficult. Whether you are starting a new project or switching from another host, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Although, you may have a good host at your current provider, it is always a good idea to consider your options.

word-image-9123 I understand that you are a motivated webmaster, digital marketer or passionate blogger looking for the best PHP 8 hosting services for your business website. Am I right? As you know, the latest version of the scripting language improves the performance of web servers by speeding up the execution of scripts. Yes, PHP 8 is the latest version available and is much faster than the previous version, PHP 7.4. But how? For the first time, PHP has a JIT (Just In Time) compiler that derives machine code from a cached version of your interpreted code. This exceptional quality makes for improved speed, which is why major hosting companies have made PHP 8 available on their servers. Let’s take a look!

Is hosting on PHP 8 faster than hosting on older versions of PHP?

In general, a PHP script is executed in four steps. The first step is to convert the PHP script into machine-readable tokens, and then convert it into a syntax tree. This is a runtime structure, the third part converts the syntax tree into machine code instructions, and finally the opcode is compiled and the process for executing the machine code is provided. As mentioned earlier, PHP 8 has a new feature, the JIT (Just In Time) compiler, which reduces the first three steps of code execution – tokenization, parsing and compilation – to a single process. In the previous version of PHP 7.4, OPcache was used to make compiling opcodes faster. Here we have a JIT compiler that converts the entire PHP script into opcode for execution. Previously, when making a new request for the same script, we used opcache to compile the opcode. But now the JIT compiles the opcode into machine code on the first run. So it will be faster than the PHP hosting of the old version.

Why choose PHP 8 web application hosting?

PHP 8 uses union types which can be used to get two values in one type, for example int| float for each function we used in the script. The nullsafe directive used in PHP 8 allows you to convert unnecessarily long code into shorter code by replacing the nested code. The named arguments used in functions and iterations are easy for developers to understand. The corresponding expression can replace the switch case and break statements to speed up the compilation of the script. Moreover, this match expression with a combined condition can reduce the entire switch case instruction to a smaller statement. These features can improve the performance of the server running the web applications.

Best PHP 8 Web Hosting Services – Quick Reference

Significant increase in application speed and stability
Up to 40% faster and handles 9 times more traffic
Stable server environment and reliable performance

Best PHP 8 hosting providers for super fast loading websites

Now let’s see which are the best hosting providers offering PHP 8 scripting availability and other features that can help you improve your website performance.

1. Hosting PHP 8 Cloudways

word-image-3743 Cloudways has PHP 8 in its hosting account. For managed hosting we can select the appropriate default version of PHP from the available versions PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.0. In a Cloudways hosting account, we can select PHP 8.0 for the website by going to the server, then access details, then settings and packages. Through Coudways hosting trial URLs, they are implementing PHP 8.0 on their live sites. These intermediate URLs may be useful to check for compatibility issues between PHP 8 and WordPress and the extensions used on our site to avoid interruptions during the upgrade. If you have problems with the application, such as. B. Compatibility of the WordPress plugin with PHP 8, these issues can be resolved by Cloudways’ Slack SLA support specialists. Cloudways uses PHP FPM to process PHP scripts faster and make the website easily accessible to users. This is the best managed cloud hosting and you can read my detailed review of Cloudways to know more about its qualities. Features

  • Server with HTTP/2 support for faster processing of user requests to web servers
  • PHP-FPM (Fast CGI Process Manager) is used to improve the loading time.
  • Advanced caching and CloudwaysCDN support for 100% availability.
  • With automatic recovery of the managed server, you don’t have to worry about its failure.
  • Easy deployment of PHP and other custom packages with support
  • All PHP applications are supported on Cloudways hosting with PHP PaaS
  • Up to $30 off on Cloudways

2. Hosting A2 with PHP 8 Version

word-image-3744 A2 Hosting offers the best shared hosting with PHP 8 support. In addition, many e-commerce sites use JavaScript to display products and PHP scripting for e-commerce functionality. Using PHP and JavaScript with a lot of HTTP requests in your server functions can slow down your e-commerce site. Even a one second delay in uptime can have a significant impact on an e-commerce site’s conversion rate and increase the bounce rate. To avoid this, PHP 8 provides a JIT compiler for faster compilation of PHP scripts, allowing faster response to user requests. In addition, A2 Hosting’s choice of server location, SSD storage and low-speed caching ensure that your e-commerce site loads faster than ever for better conversions. Features

  • 100% availability guarantee.
  • Ability to use PHP opcodes to speed up the compilation of PHP scripts
  • Raid 10 SSD for faster data processing
  • HTTP/3 and Cloud Flare CDN are used for 100% data availability.
  • One-click installation of the application for e-commerce functions
  • 30 days risk free money back guarantee

3. InMotion hosting with PHP 8

word-image-3745 InMotion Hosting uses PHP scripts to run the CMS and its LAMP stack. Here Linux is used with CentOS or Ubuntu operating system, Apache for the web server and MySql for database management; PHP scripting language to deliver powerful web applications like WordPress. We can enable PHP version 8 in both managed and unmanaged InMotion hosting accounts. For managed hosting use the Multi-PHP Manager and for unmanaged hosting use PHP-FPM to install the new version. For faster scripting, HTTP/3 is used to handle multiple requests for a web page. Features

  • Progressive power supply with 99.99% availability guarantee.
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Free SSL, domain with website builder
  • Managed and unmanaged Cpanel, isolated resources with Cloud CDN
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magneto applications with PHP 8 support

4. Kinsta PHP 8 webhosting

word-image-3746 Kinsta now uses PHP version 8 for server-side operations, such as accessing database data. All Kinsta web application environments use PHP 8 for faster execution of web pages so they load faster for users. PHP 8 has some compatibility issues with the Iron Cube loader for faster page loading. Therefore, always use the upgrade URLs to upgrade PHP 8. Suppose you have compatibility issues with a third-party web application running on your website hosted with PHP 8. In this case, Kinsta’s support team is ready to downgrade your PHP server to version 7.4, fix the issues and get your website up and running again. Features

  • Kinsta uses Nginx, MariaDB, LXD containers and PHP 8 for better web application performance.
  • Free SSL encryption, DDoS protection, hardware firewall for security and continuous monitoring for 100% uptime.
  • Google Cloud CDN with 25 data centers for content distribution and availability
  • A user-friendly dashboard with selectable data centers, staging areas and developer-friendly tools.
  • Mykinsta for website analysis and performance monitoring

5. SiteGround with PHP 8.0 hosting

word-image-3747 SiteGround Hosting now uses PHP version 8 for all servers worldwide to improve the performance and availability of websites. PHP 8 has taken advantage of its servers for faster code execution through the JIT compiler, as well as for cleaner, higher-quality code through PHP 8’s null safe operator. The banking environments are available for all updates of web services of CMS such as WordPress and Joomla, except for iron cube, mcrypt and GeoIP. Multiple data centers are located in 194 cities around the world for faster delivery of websites to users. SiteGround Hosting utilizes several layers of protection available for its data centers and server locations. Faster execution of PHP code in SiteGround Hosting is achieved in three steps. The first is the opcache extension, the second is the preload and the third is the JIT compiler. Opcahe’s main task is to reduce processes like tokenization, parsing and compilation to machine code (opcode) to run JIT. This makes the page load faster than ever. Features

  • A secure tool for live website migration
  • A firewall for web applications and an anti-bot system can be useful to prevent malicious attacks.
  • Managed WordPress hosting is useful for business solutions like application management.
  • Fast access to data centers to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • Environmentally friendly accommodation with 100% renewable energy
  • CDN available in 90+ countries for faster content delivery
  • Scalable cloud support for expanded resources

6. HostArmada Hosting with PHP 8

word-image-3748 PHP is known as the best programming language for dynamic websites. HostArmada now uses PHP version 8.0 on all of its servers to run web applications faster than ever. JIT, union types, null safe operator, matching expressions, named arguments and other new features have been added in PHP 8 to speed up script execution. With shared hosting, you can use the PHP selector available on HostArmada to upgrade to PHP 8.0 without affecting the performance of your site. With dedicated server hosting and cloud VPS, PHP 8 upgrades can be managed by an excellent support team through a ticketing system. A fully managed panel with root access can speed up the installation and execution of web applications – PHP 8 hosting at HostArmada. Features

  • Free website transmission with SSL encryption
  • Data centers available worldwide for content delivery
  • Security firewall to protect servers and data centers
  • Cloud SSD for remote storage and backup
  • DDoS protection for maximum uptime
  • 45 days money back guarantee

7. Hoster PHP hosting 8

word-image-3749 Hostinger also installed PHP 8 on his server for faster execution of scripts. It also uses JIT to improve Opcache performance and is the most affordable PHP 8 hosting solution for enterprise websites. The company has partnered with Google Cloud to offer CDN services. Hostinger uses Lite Speed web servers to replace the Apache server. It also uses an event-driven architecture to improve website performance, the Advance caching engine, support for HTTP/2 and QUIC to improve server speed. It has the lowest time to load the first byte of a web page compared to other web hosts that use Apache servers. Moreover, the Lite Speed caching plugin used in hosting can improve TTFP by a good amount. Features

  • Free CDN for global accessibility
  • Managed web hosting with SSH access
  • Access to GIT for development and testing of web applications
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Convenient control panel for easy access to applications
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Summary– What is the best PHP 8 hosting?

After analyzing the best PHP 8 web hosting and its performance from different server companies, I would say that Cloudways is the best PHP 8 hosting for faster page loading and website availability. Cloudways uses OPcache with a JIT compiler for faster execution of PHP scripts. The JIT compiler uses HTTP/2 and QUIC to respond faster to user requests for a web page and uses the Cloudway CDN for 100% availability. PHP PaaS supports all PHP applications in Cloudways, making it the best PHP 8 hosting for faster performance. Feel free to use Cloudways promo code – WPGLOSSY and get up to $30 off to make your website super fast. You can also test PHP 8 in the staging area before implementing applications.As you are now aware with all the information available on the Internet, there is not one hosting plan that is better than all the others. The truth is that certain hosting provider is best for a specific type of user. This means that there is no one perfect PHP 8 hosting provider that will fit the needs of all the users since the hosting market is extremely diverse.. Read more about wordpress php 8 performance and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hosting is best for PHP?

Nowadays, everyone wants to host their websites, and it’s not an easy task to pick the right hosting solutions. Choosing the right hosting is important, because it determines the performance of your website, the flexibility of the features, and the speed with which you can run your website. So, how to decide which hosting is best for your needs? All websites need a host to run on (just like you need a body to run on) and there are a variety of options out there.  However, not all hosting is created equal.  Some hosting services are better than others, and some are specifically designed for running PHP websites.  In this article, we will take a look at some of the best options out there.  Let’s go.

Which Hosting is fastest?

While there are plenty of hosts out there that offer fast loading and high uptime, it’s important to note that all of them are not created equal. When you’re looking for web hosting, you need a host that is reliable and fast . You want a host that will get you to the first page of Google and keep you there. Looking at the stats, Google likes fast loading sites, as well as sites with fast load time on mobile devices. Sites with higher rankings get more traffic, so speed is important. Every time you run a PHP script on your website, it has to be uploaded to a web server and then run. Think of the process as a relay race. The hosting service is the person on the track, the script is the baton, and the server is the person who runs with the baton. If the server is having any problems (like too much traffic), the script will take longer to upload. The hosting service is the one to blame if this happens. In the same way, if the script is slow to run, that’s the fault of the hosting service . But if the hosting service is fast and the script is slow, then the script is to blame.

What is the fastest website platform?

The world of web hosting is a complex one, with hundreds of companies offering a wide range of services. Some companies offer fast hosting, other companies offer cheap hosting, and many companies offer reliable hosting. But what about hosting that’s all of these things? In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 7 fastest hosting platforms, based on easy of use, price, reliability, and speed. After you read this article, you’ll have a much better idea of what type of hosting will be best for your website. The term performance has two meanings. For one, it can refer to how well a website works, namely how responsive it is to user input and how quickly its pages load. Secondly, it can have a broader meaning, referring to how well a website runs

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