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Download WhyNotWin11 and check if your PC is ready for Windows 11

The Windows 10 launch is just a few weeks away, and so we’ve decided to put a little bit of work into helping your computer get ready for the new operating system. You can download the WhyNotWin 11 program here: and run it on your desktop to see if your PC is ready for Windows 10.

Windows 10 was released in 2015, and has received a lot of mixed reviews. The operating system was criticized for its lack of features and its implementation of the controversial ‘features’ UAC, which can be annoying and at times terrifying to some users, but it’s no surprise that most users have already upgraded to the new OS.

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  • Now that Windows 11 has been officially released, everyone wants to know if it can run on it.
  • To perform a compatibility test, you need to download a simple utility and run it on your device.
  • As an alternative to the Microsoft PC Health Check, you can use WhyNotWin11, which offers an even more detailed system check.
  • You can get this app by going to a dedicated GitHub page and downloading it from there.

Diagnosing whether your device is ready for Microsoft’s new operating system is the first step we as users should take before making plans for this software.

But how can you be sure that your PC or laptop is compatible with Windows 11?

Instead of reading a list of requirements and going through your system and checking off the items on the list, which can be a slow and tedious process, you can just use an application that does the work for you.

WhyNotWin11 quickly diagnoses your system

First of all, once you get over your computer security concerns about this unnecessary software, the application itself is simple and straightforward.

We can say that WhyNotWin11 will give you a very detailed overview of where your PC may be non-compliant with Windows 11.

The application checks a total of 11 categories, including boot type, processor architecture, generation, DirectX support, RAM, Secure Boot and minimum TPM.

You can get this great tool by going to a dedicated GitHub page and downloading it from there.

The details provided by this application, in terms of processor information, architecture, generation, number of cores and frequency, are much more comprehensive than those provided by the Microsoft PC Health Check application.

Another very important feature of the application is its ability to automatically check for the latest updates.

Note that the current version of this application, version 2.1, reflects all the changes Microsoft continues to make to the Windows 11 requirements list.

Overall, it seems like a pretty solid tool for users who want to know if their system is ready for Windows 11.

Once the application is downloaded, install it and click on the Verify button, which will automatically run a system diagnostic.

Have you tested your system’s compatibility with Windows 11 yet? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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