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Echtra washes its hands of Torchlight III as the Cursed Captain arrives

Echtra Games, the developers of the popular and well-received (at least in recent memory) Diablo-esque dungeon crawler Torchlight, have announced that they are officially pulling the plug on their long-running series. While the developers posted a brief statement (directly linked below) on the Torchlight forums, few details have been released regarding the decision. The developers have also stated that they are no longer working on any further content for the series.

That’s it. Just one more time for the replays. A couple of weeks ago, I featured RogueTrader in a blog post. In the article, I highlighted the title of the game that he was playing, and how it reminded me of the opening line from the 1985 Michael Crichton novel, “Eaters of the Dead”.  At the time, I had no idea that Echtra would soon be releasing a game called “Torchlight III”, and that it would feature a character that was obviously inspired by “Eaters of the Dead”. RogueTrader’s “Eater” character was “Cursed Captain”, and since Echtra is a Swedish based company, I thought it would be cool to use

word-image-11731 What was once a promising next-gen Torchlight game in the MMORPG field has gotten so bad that even the developer is giving up. Right: Echtra Games announced this week that it is completely halting development of Torchlight III , leaving development and management of the multiplayer ARPG to Perfect World. The news isn’t a total shock, as we’ve already talked about the Zynga Studios acquisition and speculated that Torchlight III would remain in PWE – and it turns out that’s exactly what’s happening. This sad announcement also marks the end of Echtra Games’ work on Torchlight III, wrote Max Schaefer. As you may have heard in the news, we have been given a new lease of life on the 2nd. Mars bought by Zynga. After this transition, we’re moving on to new (and exciting) things and handing the baton over to our partners at Perfect World. This game-changing news comes at the same time as the release of the Torchlight III update, Captain Cursed. This month’s patch adds a titular class that has summoning abilities, giant cannons taken from ships to destroy enemies in their path, and a salty, ghostly character. Players must also collect new pets, contracts, housing items and cosmetics. Echtra said at the time of release that the patch improved performance enough to Torchlight III into a good position.

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