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Facebook rolls out Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts

Facebook today announced the “Live Rooms” feature, its first foray into live audio broadcasting. Live Rooms lets you create a private, two-way audio conversation with up to 15 people. You can also invite the audience to participate in the broadcast, providing them with an easy way to see what is happening on-screen while listening to the conversation. The feature is rolling out this week to everyone with the Pages toolset.

If you’re a fan of Facebook, you may have noticed its Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts feature—the social network’s attempt to create a new way for users to communicate. On the Live Audio Rooms page, you can create a new group, invite people to join, and then start a live audio chat with them. Once the group is started, anyone can make a comment, adding to the chat as they’d like. You can also broadcast to your followers your party’s progress. The same feature is available for users on Messenger.

Facebook has been making strides towards being a more social media platform. They have recently rolled out their own Live Audio Rooms and podcasts. Live Audio Rooms allow users to broadcast live audio streams to other Facebook users. Live Audio Rooms can be private or public. Public Live Audio Rooms can be viewed by anyone who uses Facebook, while private Live Audio Rooms can only be viewed by users who have been approved by the room owner. To be approved for a Live Audio Room you must have at least 100 friends, the room creator, or be the room creator. Live Audio Rooms can be private or public. Public Live Audio Rooms can be viewed by anyone who uses Facebook, while private Live Audio Rooms can only be viewed by users who have been approved by the room owner

Facebook has launched podcasts and live audio rooms – a rival to its Clubhouse – and is starting to roll out new audio features and tools for creating audio on the platform.

Live audio rooms are available for public figures and selected Facebook groups in the United States. Right now, people can only create live audio spaces through the Facebook app for iOS.

Facebook also distributes some podcasts to listeners in the United States.

Public figures may invite friends, supporters and other vetted public figures or members of the public to speak during or before the presentation. The audio rooms can currently accommodate up to 50 speakers and an unlimited number of listeners.

Group administrators can control who can create live audio rooms – moderators, group members or other administrators. The rooms set up by the public groups are open to all, but only members can listen to the audio recordings of the rooms set up by the private groups.

Speakers and listeners can support charitable causes by making donations to non-profit organizations or by collecting donations during a live broadcast in the audio space.

Listeners can also support presenters by sending them stars (currency in the app). This puts them in a special place, the front row, and makes them more visible to the presenters. Star Packs can be purchased during the call.

While live audio rooms can only be created in the iOS app, Android users can participate via the news feed or notifications. Reminders are also available.

People receive notifications when their friends and subscribers join the same audio space. Live subtitles and reply are also available. People can also ask to join the conversation by using the raise your hand feature.

Facebook is partnering with several public figures to host live audio sessions, including Tokimonsta, Russell Wilson, Rosa Clemente, Omereloff and Amanda Nguyen,

Other prominent figures are expected to join the group: D Smoke, Kehlani, Reggie Watts, Lisa Morales Duke, Dr. Jess, Bobby Berk, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Joe Budden and DeRay Mckesson.

Facebook groups like Dancing Accepts All, Vegan Soul Food, Meditation Matters, Pow Wow Nation, Octonation and Cosmic Hipsters will also host live audio sessions.

Users can access their favorite podcasts through the mini player or the full-screen player while browsing Facebook. Playback continues even if the screen is turned off. People can respond to these podcasts, comment on them, bookmark them and share them in the app.

The original podcast lineup included Joe Budden of the Joe Budden Podcast, Jess Hilarious of Carefully Reckless of The Black Effect Podcast Network and iHeartRadio, Kelty Knight, Becca Tobin and Jak Vanek of LadyGang, and Nikayla Matthews Okom of Side Hustle Pro. More are expected in the coming weeks.

In the coming months, podcasts on Facebook will gain additional features, such as live subtitles and the ability to create short clips from the podcast.

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The social media giant has announced plans to launch new audio tools in April. While live audio rooms and podcasts are already on the market, another tool for creating short audio clips, called Soundbites, is expected later this year.

We work with creatives who use our audio tools to develop and publish sound bites – short, creative audio clips. We are excited to work with this community to improve the Soundbites experience ahead of launch, said Fiji Simo, head of applications at Facebook.

In the future, Facebook will also work to expand its audio services to include a central listening station and listening to background videos.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it was working on a suite of audio authoring tools with features such as speech-to-text and voice morphing. They will be immediately available in the Facebook application.

The company also said it is working on monetization opportunities for creators.

Facebook plans to allow live audio presenters to charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to access the streams. They will also set up a fund to support aspiring soundbites creators.

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Contact Prajunk via email: [email protected]For a long time, Facebook has been slowly rolling out new features to its massive social network, many of which are designed to encourage users to interact with friends and family. Today, the company made two big announcements that will change how its users will interact with the site:. Read more about facebook social audio and let us know what you think.

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