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Free Fire Advance Server Apk v66.0.0: Download |100% Working

Capcom has released a new Android version of the free-to-play multiplayer FPS Free Fire (Advanced Server). The new version, v66.0.0, introduces a new map (Alaska), a new weapon (Magnum), and a new game mode (Ghost). Game: Free Fire

It is always great to discover a new free fire advance server apk version. You can play this multiplayer battle arena games with your friends or play against strangers around the world. The game is more fun when you travel with your friends. You can travel through the world with your friends to see all the beautiful places. To help you to travel with your friends, our game has many features such as: – Travel with your friends – Chat with your friends – Customization of your character – Training for your character – Работоспособность: – 100% – Все функции и опци

Free Fire Advance Server is an Indonesian MOD that is considered an alternative server where one can test the latest features of the game before the official release. This is done via invitations, and users lucky enough to participate should report bugs with these future options and provide lots of feedback to avoid losing their privileges.

Free Fire Advance Server Apk v66.0.0 Feature:

  • New features of the Free Fire Advance server
  • Character Terbaru Rafael
  • Rank Baru Grand Master
  • Optimisation of the calculation of the RP
  • M79 Hanya from Airdrop
  • Penambahan poison area
  • Musim Panas Theme
  • Gatling cannon Senjata Baru
  • Baru repair kit
  • purgatory hot zone
  • Pengaturan Baru Tersedia for a single room
  • Stasiak Penjesua Senjata
  • Penambahan Level Baru and Boss Uprising Death
  • Othimaxi autopicker
  • Menghilangkan CG 15 dari dari in the overall ranking

Download Fire Advance Server APK Free

When you log in to the new Free Fire Advance server, you’ll discover this survival game with many great features. This server should be officially available in the next few days. You can open it first with our APK file below.

Fire Advance Server Free Download

General game updates:

If we talk about the game as a whole, there are many changes and new features added. In this section you will find all the latest changes and updates.

  • A new area has been added to the map of Bermuda.
  • High quality supplies.
  • The CG15 weapons are so destructive and deadly.
  • An infobox to help you discover your next scope and drops.
  • The team can go skydiving together.
  • Laura is a new character that was added in the last update.
  • Updated and improved guild system.
  • Add another language – Arabic.

Free Fire Advance Server Apk v66.0.0 Detail :

This gives players an additional server with new features and much faster. I will give you the necessary information about the main application if you are not familiar with it. This is a survival shooter where you have 10 minutes to survive on the battlefield and fight the enemies.

To stick around and win the game, you must kill the other players on the map. You’ll also find yourself on a remote island where you’ll find everything you need to survive. All you have to do is go into each house or building and look for all the things you think you need to move forward. There are almost 50 players in the game, and whoever is left at the end and kills the last enemy can win the game.

It is a popular gaming app for Android phones, right after PUBG and Fortnite. The number of downloads on the Play Store has surpassed the hundreds of millions. It also includes in-game purchases, just like PUBG. It is proposed by GARENA International Private Limited, which will launch it at 20… November 2017 for Android smartphones and tablets.

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