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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marianne Guide

The Marianne is a legendary cowboy who just can’t seem to escape trouble. Even though she’s a sharpshooter and an expert horse rider, the Marianne has a knack for putting herself in the middle of a firefight and getting herself into all sorts of trouble. She’s not a pushover, though. She can take a beating and come back swinging, so if you’re going up against her, make sure you’ve got something more than a few men behind you.

Marianne is a powerful and versatile hero. Her skills: machine gun, shock blast, and lock pick, allow her to be effective in many different situations. She is a great runner and has a high health pool. Use her gun to chip away at an enemy’s health. Her lock pick can also be used to damage enemy heroes and structures. Because the lock pick causes damage over time, it is great for weakening structures for your teammates to take down.

In this cover: In the Outlaws & Legends Marianne Guide, you’ll find a complete character overview and tips and tricks for playing with Marianne. Marianne is one of the four characters you can play with in the game. Like all other classes in the game, Marianne has unique equipment, skills and play style, which we will explain below.

Marianne’s Guide – Art: Outlaws and Legends

Our hood: The Outlaws & Legends Marianne Guide contains everything you need to know about playing with Marianne in Hood : Outlaws & Legends.

Character Overview

Marianne likes to be discreet and usually stays in the shadows. Her specialty is silently killing enemies, taking what she needs and leaving the area without attracting the attention of enemies. Therefore, their equipment consists of stealth and medium to short range combat. Her favorite weapon is the crossbow, which turns into a knife as she approaches her enemies. She is the most agile character in the game.


As for Marianne’s equipment, she is equipped with smoke grenades, which are great for dodging enemies or taking them out if you are chasing them. If you are surrounded by enemies, you can throw a smoke grenade that will block your view and prevent enemy teams from seeing you. This works especially well right after the key is stolen, when the sheriff has already caught up with you. This gives you the ability to go back into the shadows without killing enemies.


Marianne has the Shroud ability, which makes you invisible. With this skill, you can become invisible and use Marianna’s main weapon to silently destroy enemies from a safe distance, while your opponents guess where the attack is coming from. You can also use this skill to sneak up on enemies silently, steal the key and get yourself to safety without attracting their attention. Use the Perk Ghost Stalker and your enemies will never know what hit them.

The line

Normally you can only kill by sneaking up behind the enemy, but Marianne has a shadow ability which allows her to kill from any direction she approaches the enemy from, as long as she is not visible. You can also kill enemies from the front while remaining undetected, making this feature very useful for stealth players.

The best privileges for Marianne

Like all the other characters in the game, Marianne has three Perk slots where you can install different Perks to make you more effective in the game. Despite all the perks on the list, it’s crucial to choose the best ones that complement Marianne’s stealth gameplay and make her silent approach even better. Below are the best benefits for Marianne, and we’ve also explained why they’re best for her.

Name of the benefit Lock for benefits Description Required level
An efficient killer Lock 1 This allows you to kill quickly and it gives a bonus of XP for each kill. It also quickly fills your ability meter, allowing you to stay invisible for longer. Level 2
A ghost tracker Lock 2 Marianne is harder to see when her Sail skill is activated, and increases her movement speed when crouching. Level 9
A silent assassination. Lock 3 Works in conjunction with the above perks, allowing you to string kills together and stay safe longer by reducing the cooldown of the ability. Level 4

Tips and tricks to play with Marianne

  • When playing as Marianne, if you see enemies coming from the front, you should always kill them from the front. Quickly become invisible and kill your enemies for an instant kill at the front. If someone is blocking your way like that, you can quickly get him out of the way and continue your path to salvation in peace.
  • Use Marianne Shroud’s ability to protect your team without drawing the enemy’s attention to your position. When you see your teammates approaching the enemy, give them a sign to stop and take control of the situation by becoming invisible and destroying the enemy themselves. With Marianne, you are the best assassin in the game and you need to make your team feel her power.
  • Since you are the quietest of the team and can easily explore the area, make sure you always mark useful items and ammo boxes that your team can reach once the area is cleared of all enemies.
  • Stick to melee and kills so you always have crossbow bolts for ranged kills. When you shoot a bolt and kill an enemy, you go to him. If you’re lucky, you can find your bolt on his corpse, or where he landed after hitting the enemy.

For more help with Hood : Outlaws & Legends, see the manuals linked below:

This is the end of our hud: Marianne Outlaws & Legends Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hood cross play?

A lot of games these days allow for cross play with PC, mobile, PS4, XB1 and even the Switch! But in hood we did not get that option and there are multiple reasons why: First of all Nintendo is not a platform for third party games, only first party games can be on it. Second of all there is no way to connect a PS4 controller to a Switch because it does not have the 30-pin connection that the normal PS4 controllers have. Like many Free to Play games, hood: outlaws & legends has a crossplay mode that allows players to play on multiple platforms, in this case, windows, mac, linux, ios and android. This is an interesting decision by the developers, as the userbase of each console is different, and not all platforms are as active as others.

Will Hood outlaws and legends come to PC?

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything from the developers behind Hood, a somewhat controversial game where you play as a bank robber trying to survive a police siege. But with the release of Hood: Outlaws & Legends on Steam, we figured we’d check in with the folks at Magic Notion to see how they’re doing. We spoke to Wai Keong, the Social Media Manager for Magic Notion. Developers of the game Hood outlaws and legends announced the official release date of the game for the PC platform. The date of the start of sales – April 6, 2015. The developers assure that the computer version of this game will fully correspond to the version for Android and iOS. The full version of the game will be equipped with high quality graphics, improved interface and will have more opportunities for in-game purchases.

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