How to get Games on Dolphin Emulator in 2022

How to get Games on Dolphin Emulator in 2022

How to get Games on Dolphin Emulator in 2022

Dolphin Emulator is one of the most popular video game platforms, but it can be hard to find games. This article will explain how to get games on a dolphin emulator. 

The Dolphin Emulator allows you to play your favorite Nintendo GameCube and Wii Games right on your computer or laptop.! The emulator requires you to download and install the games onto your computer, or SD card. Saves can be transferred between both platforms as well. 

No Sound on the Dolphin Emulator

If you aren’t hearing anything while playing a game on Dolphin Emulator, first check that you have your speakers turned up and that no software such as chat programs are soft muting the volume.

If those don’t work, then just restart the program and see if that makes changes. If it doesn’t then try uninstalling and reinstalling the software for an easier fix. If audio is a huge issue, then the chances are that this problem might be within your computer or device itself. 

Saving on a Dolphin Emulator can sometimes be difficult. However, it is doable and simple once you figure out the correct way to go about it. It takes a few steps, but after you receive your “Aha!” Moment and complete this process, you’ll feel like a saving champion! 

If you ever want to start over where you left off in a game or program, then just close that program and reopen it. You should see an option within the menu that says “Load State.”

Selecting this will open up another box where there should be three options: “Automatic,” which opens your last save the file; “Resume,” which gives you the entire list of what you’ve done so far; and finally, “Load,” where you can open more of your saved files. Just select the one you want to load and press the yellow button under it to continue on with your game! 

Make sure that when you’re utilizing this program, that you save often. That way if something happens while playing a game or using Dolphin Emulator, then you have that option of just re-loading your last state rather than having to start all over again!

The Dolphin Emulator is Not Working

Sometimes there are updates for programs such as Dolphin Emulator. These may include new features or perhaps some security issues have been fixed up. Because of this, whenever there are updates available, make sure to go ahead and download them so that everything will work smoothly and efficiently!

Dolphin Emulator is a wonderful gaming resource. However, not all the games you play on it are guaranteed to work 100% of the time. There are times when your progress will be lost or something may go wrong in general while using this program. If that happens, don’t worry too much about it!

Just close out the program and reopen it with “Load State!”  This does not risk anything happening to your saved files for any game whatsoever by closing down Dolphin Emulator.

Get games on Dolphin Emulator

  • Step 1: Download and Install Dolphin Emulator from its official website. 

Go to  and download the latest version of Dolphin for your system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.). If you have an Android device or other mobile OS check out our article about how to run Dolphin on those devices.

Installing it will also install “Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017” (vc_redist.x64) and DirectX. You may need these programs to play certain games; if you get an error about them, download and install the programs for your system then try again.

  • Step 2: Download Game Files

Click “Config” > “Game Configurations” and you’ll see several famous GameCube and Wii games. Click one, hit A twice to bring up the game options menu, then click the cog icon to the right of where it says “ISO Path.” Make sure that the folder is selected or highlighted in some way for this step.

Open Windows Explorer, File Explorer on Windows 10, or Finder on Macs. Navigate to your Dolphin Emulator files directory (likely C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Dolphin Emulator) and find the default_iso folder inside. Most are already there, but if not just create one yourself. Drag any .iso disc images you have into the default_iso folder until it looks like every game you own is in the Dolphin Emulator folder. You may have to wait for some games to download before they work as well.

  • Step 3: Play Games Step 4: Enjoy Games

When you play a game, you’ll see several options. One of them is “Config” and another is “Graphics.” From there you can change the graphics rendering mode; if one looks better than another then try playing that one.

The emulator has three modes: OpenGL (newest but usually fastest), Direct3D11 (slower and older, but usually most accurate), and Direct3D12 (faster and newer, newest but usually least accurate).  Set up your controller or joystick-like we mentioned before, make sure all your games are in the correct folder, and you’re ready to play!


  • What are the system requirements for Dolphin Emulator?

The official minimum specs are Windows 7+, 8+ or 10, a 3.5 GHz CPU, and an OpenGL 4.0 capable video card. The recommended specs are either Windows 10 64-bit with an Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz CPU and an NVidia GTX 970 GPU or equivalent, but your mileage may vary depending on the game you’re trying to emulate using this emulator. There’s also an Android version of Dolphin Emulator that runs well on most modern Android devices including phones and tablets.

  • How much does Dolphin cost?

Dolphin is free to download but keep in mind you must own copies of games whose emulation you want to use with it before any of them will work.

What are the games that work 100% of the time with Dolphin Emulator?

Anything you can download on it will work, but some of our favorites include Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash!!  and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

  • How many games work with Dolphin Emulator?

There’s a compatibility chart on the official website, but most games that people have downloaded and played have been compatible in some way. 

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