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How to solve Mannequin Doll Workshop Puzzle in House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village

As soon as you enter the main room of House Beneviento, there is a staircase leading down into a basement. The basement contains a large doll workshop, where you’ll find a puzzle. In this puzzle, there are three mannequin dolls in different poses. To solve it, you must first take a picture of each doll in each different pose then find them in the other rooms. The only way to solve this puzzle is to use a certain tool that can rotate the statues, so, you must rotate the statues so that each statue is in the same pose as the previous one in the series.

House Beneviento is third house in Resident Evil Village, and this house gives you a lot of challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is to solve Mannequin Doll Workshop Puzzle in House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village. The main reason of this puzzle is, you need to find dressing room and get the mannequin doll. After you get the mannequin doll, you need to assemble the doll in the workshop room. You need to assemble the doll with all the 5 parts on the workbench.

When you enter Benevento’s home in Resident Evil Village, it’s a small house with multiple charms. Unfortunately, it’s run by a bloodthirsty puppet who wants you to be his friend forever. Once you get through this part of the game, you’ll end up in a doll shop with a mannequin in the middle of the room, and all your stuff will be taken away. There aren’t many options other than solving the puzzle to progress in the game.

Silver Key

First, approach and interact with the mannequin in the middle of the room. If you look from below, you can inspect it and move it down the arm to the shoulder. In the mannequin’s hand is a hole that can be opened by dropping a silver key into it. Hold this. Interact again with the dummy, remove his arm, and three closed eyes in the shape of a triangle will appear on the back of his elbow. Even if it’s not that important now, you want to remember it so you can use it in the future.


Engagement ring

Then move to the other side of the mannequin and interact with his left hand to remove the ring attached to his ring finger. He’s covered in blood. With the silver key you took from the dummy’s right hand, walk to the closed door to open it to the next room. There’s a tap you can turn on, and then you can clean the damn ring. After you have cleaned it, you can now examine it. The date 052911 is engraved on the inside of the band.

After cleaning the ring, return to the dummy and examine his left leg. After you interact with him and get to the knee, you can remove the leg to expose the key with the envelope. You’ll need it soon. When you come back into contact with the dummy, you should remove the bandage from the dummy’s chest and find the tool needed to extract what is in his mouth. You can also move the dummy’s left pupil to show that it has a bird symbol on it, but you can’t use it now.

Music box

The next step is to use the code on the back of the ring on the closed double doors through which you entered the room. Now you can leave the place, and you need to find a music box nearby that you can use as a winding key. It is located in the storage room, which you can reach by walking down the hall. It’s a door that magically opens for you. There is a music box on the table in this room.

The music cannot be played if it is found. You will need to replace the cylinders to make sure they match. Below is a solution of what it should look like. The first groove should have a deep incision at the bottom. The right cylinder should have two notches in the middle. The central cylinder shall have a cut that forms a V-shape in the middle. The penultimate cylinder should be near perfect except for a small cut in the lower right corner. The latter should have a simple cut in the middle. When you have them in a row, play the music box and the tweezers will be released.


You have to go back to the room with the dummy and use the tweezers on his mouth to get the object out. It’s a small roll of film. You need to take this tape and go back to where you got off the elevator and go to the next room with the white door.

Movie puzzle

Inside there is a small stand with some film clips. There is a sign to the left of this booth. You have to use this note to put the pieces of tape in the right order. A hint indicates what each film strip should be. Here’s a hint and the solution to the film’s riddle.

Our happy family

  • Rose’s best friend in the whole world – doll photo
  • She really likes this fairy tale, a collection of fairy tales that Mia Rose reads at the beginning of the game.
  • The most important thing in the world to us is a picture of Rosa.
  • A wedding present from my grandmother: a music box.
  • The proof of Ethan’s unwavering love for me is Mia’s alliance with Ethan.

When you have arranged the five bars of the movie in the correct order, press the play button to play the movie. It shows an underground room with a cot, a well and a ladder. After the movie ends, the screen falls to the floor and you can walk down the hall. On the right is a doll with scissors. Use the scissors to cut the ribbon under you and answer the call. Now you can go back to the room where you used the silver key.

Go back to the doll and cut the bandage with the scissors. A brass medallion appears in the false torso of the mannequin. Now you can put it in the door to the left of the doll and try to escape. After you have placed the brass medallion in the top right corner of the door, you need to move the bottom medallion so it matches the hand symbol – three closed eyes. The medallion in the upper left should be a bird symbol.


You will now enter the underground area you saw in the movie you saw. Now that you have solved the great mystery of the mannequin room, a new danger awaits you in the Benevento house.

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