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How Voicemod is helping content creators craft their online identities

Voicemod is a voice changing app for YouTube and Twitch streamers that aims to help streamers make their voices more distinctive. It does this by converting their voice using a brainwave waveform, changing the pitch and speed of their voice. As the streamer becomes more comfortable using Voicemod, they will become more confident and use their natural speaking voice.

Voicemod is a voice recording app that’s becoming increasingly popular among game developers and other creators who prefer to stay in the game, but also need a way to record their voice. If you’ve ever wanted to add an audio or audio-visual element to your content, or just wanted to record a voice memo in, Voicemod is a must-have app.

Voicemod is a free, downloadable iOS app that facilitates voice conversations with other users. With 3 million users worldwide, it’s becoming a popular platform for content creators and streamers to connect with their fans.

Speech modification applications have been around for a long time. Whether it’s changing an actor’s voice during a movie shoot or cracking a joke with friends, these apps are widely used tools. In the world of online gaming, real-time voice changers offer players many options. Lately, Youtubers, streamers and other content creators have been upgrading their online game characters with a voice uploader called Voicemod. Voicemod is a voice modifier with free and premium versions optimized for many popular online games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG. You can use the free version, buy a premium subscription or purchase a lifetime license.

What the Voicemodcan do

Screenshot word-image-16425 Part of what makes Voicemod so special is that it is highly customizable. The premium version has a set of pre-installed voices, but you also have access to Voicelab. Allows you to create your own voices with sliders. There is also a subsection for the soundboard, which is a very important part of the app, Jaime Bosch Criado, CEO of Voicemod, said in an interview. Bosch sees decks as the sonic equivalent of emoji and GIFs. The sound panels are great for streamers, but it’s just as fun to play with people in the game. Another positive aspect of Voicemod is that it continues to grow, change and evolve. Bosch explained how they plan to regularly deliver new content to Voicemod users and distribute it to as many platforms as possible.

Who is Voicemod intended for?

Bosch emphasized that with Voicemod he wanted to enable people to sound the way they want and be heard the way they want. So the most complete answer to the question of who Voicemod is for is: anyone who wants to sound different, for any reason. However, we also discussed some specific categories of people who might try Voicemod the most.

  • Designers with a strong online identity
    • Role player (DnD or other)
  • Queer and gender non-conforming people
    • Trans/non-binary personalities
    • Gender non-conforming personalities
  • Independent designer

Being able to give yourself a voice that fits your VTuber character, or a voice that makes you feel genre euphoric, are moments where Voicemod really shines. Although putting yourself in the spotlight with the sound you want others to hear is a source of strength no matter who you are. We’ve talked a lot about Voicemod in terms of creating content, but it can also be used for personal use. If you only play games and for some reason want the sound to be different while you play, Voicemod can also work for you. It can also be fun to harass others in the game or annoy your friends. Overall, Voicemod looks promising in terms of content, accessibility and functionality. This application is still under development, but we look forward to seeing how it develops. The free version of Voicemod can be downloaded here.On the surface, Voicemod seems to be an online service that assists in the creation of voice recordings. However, upon closer inspection, the true impact of this app is the ability to create a custom avatar and profile for your online persona. This will help you to create a unique image and presence online and engage with your audience in a more personal manner.. Read more about voicemod crunchbase and let us know what you think.

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