Mario Golf: Super Rush Launch Trailer Released

Nintendo is back with a new Mario Golf game for the Wii U. Its called Super Mario Golf and promises to be the best golfing game ever. In this game you will be playing as Mario and a grab the golf clubs and hit the balls to get the highest score. The game will include a single player mode and a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to four people.

Nintendo has released a launch trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush, an upcoming Mario Golf game for the Nintendo 3DS. This third entry in the Mario Golf series will feature a fresh look and feel, unlike Mario Golf: World Tour (which was released some time ago in Europe).

Nintendo has revealed the launch trailer for Super Mario Golf: World Tour at E3 2017. The trailer gives us a look at the new characters and courses in the upcoming game. Below is a list of the characters and courses that appear in the trailer:  Luigi Mario Peach Daisy Yoshi King Koopa Bowser Birdo Waluigi Boo Diddy Kong Rosalina & Luma Link Lakitu The course lineup includes the following courses:  Bowser’s Castle Summit Mushroom Gorge The Big Three-Oh Starfish Ocean Edges Way of the Mario Peach Gardens

Find out what Nintendo’s Mario Golf and Camelot are all about: Super Rush has a launch trailer for the game.

In a world where all is calm, the forces of evil threaten the pristine green of the Mushroom Kingdom. The player enters the game and must level up and defeat formidable opponents to capture the fairway.

Watch the dramatic trailer Who’s your caddy below to learn more:

Mario Golf : Super Rush – WHO IS YOUR CADDIE? – Nintendo Switch


Mario Golf : In Super Rush, players can take their Mii to the Bonny Greens Country Club, where they can go from beginner to pro. Be careful: Wario and Waluigi have a few tricks up their sleeves, and several bosses can get in your way. 16 characters from the Super Mario universe are also playable.

The game is already available on Nintendo Switch.

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Find out what Nintendo’s Mario Golf and Camelot are all about: Super Rush has a launch trailer for the game

News, Nintendo Switch NewsNintendo has officially launched Mario Golf: Super Rush Launch, the latest Mario Golf game on the Nintendo eShop. This launch trailer shows off the game, but also showcases a couple of the new characters that appear in this Mario Golf game, the most notable being the new character Mario Golf, who is the main character of the game.. Read more about mario golf: super rush demo and let us know what you think.

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