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Should reviews for games not completed by critics be considered valid? That’s the question that’s been asked a lot lately. Games that aren’t finished, or games that aren’t ready to be reviewed are reviewed. This is a problem. This is a problem that should be fixed. If you’re a game developer or you work with game developers, don’t be afraid to tell the people who review your games that you aren’t ready to have them reviewed.

Let’s face it. It’s for this reason that we go to online reviews for a lot of our purchases. If you’re buying a vacuum, chances are you aren’t going to go out and spend $200 on it without doing a little research first. And it is for this very reason that we’ve decided to post our own review today. We know that we’re not the ‘professional’ journalists that you might be used to reading on a lot of other sites, but we do care enough about the industry to do our research, to play the game, and to give you a little bit of insight into what we felt about it.

Who would have thought we’d be having this conversation? I don’t, but that’s the point! According to some game reviewers you don’t have to be good at games, which I disagree with and have said here before, but it’s about playing the game to write a review! Let’s discuss it.

There is now a discussion that the game does not have to be completed to be properly rated and evaluated. To be honest, I don’t agree with that sentiment at all. It goes without saying that you cannot evaluate a product that you have not yet finished, because you do not have the overview or the experience to represent it properly. This is also highly problematic, as such statements leave room for manipulation and can even create a completely different picture of the game. Not to mention the lack of respect for the developers who think their game deserves the recognition it gets, and for the players who have to rely on these reviews to know if the game is worth buying.

An excellent example of this is Returnal. If you think about it, how come not a single reviewer commented on the problem with the game’s errors? Many publications probably got information about the game weeks before release, but most never seemed to mention it. All I can say is that these critics haven’t played the game long enough to encounter these problems. So what’s the point of reviews if the games aren’t finished?

Some reviewers reach 90% of the game and start writing a review, while others reach 60% of the game and start writing a review. The two reviewers will not have the same opinion of the game, but the difference in level of competition will greatly influence the rating of the game. Take Xenoblade Chronicles 2, for example. If someone only plays 20% of the game, they may say the game is too long to be good, while another reviewer, if they keep playing, will start to see the game unfold, which can effectively change the reviewer’s perspective on how the game is played. Playing out the game was always necessary from my point of view to be able to give the most authentic opinion possible. It’s not like you get five episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 and say: The last few episodes are going to be great, so let me start with the review.

If you don’t see the product as a whole, you won’t be able to consider it. Yes, I understand that it’s hard to write reviews, but cutting them down because you don’t have time is not an excuse in my opinion, but rather shows the problem with this place and the fact that you should be posting a review in the first place rather than making sure you finish the game – which is why we’re here in the first place!

I’ll be honest, we need to make sure we can verify that the reviewer actually played the game. We have trophies/achievements. There is too much fraud and – if I may say so – laziness in this area! This is the one area where everything seems to take a shortcut, and that’s ridiculous.


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