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Siege Survival Gloria Victis is a browser-based MMORPG, which is available to play for free at It is a medieval fantasy MMORPG, set in a semi-open world with a focus on survival and crafting. Gloria Victis is set in a fictional, medieval-like world, and is currently in closed beta. The game describes itself as “a hardcore medieval MMORPG with non-targeted combat system, complex crafting system and a brutal, but fair, death mechanics.” It may be worth noting that there is a world map in the game, but it is not open world. The game is still in closed beta, but there is much to do and see.

Do you enjoy playing MMORPG’s? Do you like games that are based on medieval times? Have you heard of Gloria Victis? If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, then you may be interested in reading this review. Gloria Victis is an online game that has been in development for quite some time. Its developers, Black Eye Games, have been working hard to make this game as enjoyable and realistic as possible. The game is very much a work in progress, but the developers are very open about what they are working on and the direction they are heading in.

Siege survival is an open-world sandbox game, with medieval style graphics, which from the game, you will play as a lone survivor in the wasteland, trying to survive against the horde of zombies and monsters, you will build your own fortress, collect resources, weapons, crops, and aids, as you combat against the monster together with other players to survive and let the game world know that not all have been destroyed.

Siege Survival Gloria Victis is based on the same world as Gloria Victis, a medieval open world MMORPG. The game combines classic resource management with survival strategy into something very interesting, unique and, frankly, unlike anything I’ve played before. Despite the unique nature of the game, it’s not too difficult to understand, which is great because we can dive right into the action and make the tough decision to save our residents or the soldiers.

History of the survival of sieges

Gloria Victis Siege Survival is set in a medieval city under siege by an enemy. Players take control of a few survivors who have managed to take over the city fortress, and must do their best to hold the fort while they wait for reinforcements. word-image-10865 As the story unfolds, the player must make important decisions from the start that will affect the course of the game.

Construction worker by day, scavenger by night

Gloria Victis’ Siege Survival changes the game format depending on the time of day: During the day players build and make objects to get food, water and supplies; at night players must travel to the besieged city to get supplies. word-image-10866 word-image-10867 word-image-10868 word-image-10869 word-image-10870 word-image-10871 word-image-10872 word-image-10873 word-image-10874 word-image-10875 word-image-10876 word-image-10877 word-image-10878 word-image-10879   Previous Go to Raids take place at night, which makes it easier to avoid being spotted by intruders, but players still have to be careful not to be spotted by enemies. A double click z. B. allows faster movement, but at the expense of sound, making it easier to see. During the day, you can speed up time by enforcing tasks that need to be done faster. In the beginning, this can be useful to speed up some tasks, but as you check on more people, you’ll probably find that you need to micromanage more, which will make you less likely to run out of time.

Resource management reaches new level

I’ve played many games where resource management plays an important role, but none as important as the resource management in Siege Survival. As in many other games, we have to provide enough food and water, but we also have to take care of not only our characters, but also the soldiers who are in the fortress and fight every day to preserve the beloved castle.   Providing food or water to your soldiers means that your residents may have to go without, and vice versa if you provide food or water to your residents. This is probably one of the most difficult parts of Siege Survival Gloria Victus. I even restarted the game several times to try and perfect the balance of resource distribution between villagers and soldiers. Of course, you have to worry not only about food and water, but also about other things you need to support your soldiers in battle, such as B. Repairing weapons and armor. Many games fail miserably in their attempt to make complex resource management entertaining, it often feels more like a horror movie than a game, but the aftermath of a bad Siege Survival game had me coming back, eager to prove to myself that I could save everyone. word-image-10880


The idea of a game focused on resource management is something I usually shy away from. Too often games complicate these concepts, resulting in frustrating gameplay. I’m glad I decided against my better judgment to try Siege Survival Gloria Victis, because we finally have a game where there is no room for error, every decision you make determines the balance between life and death. There are no linear right or wrong answers in the game. If you are too soft on your villages and take care of them, your villages will be overrun and your cities will die, but if you are too soft on your soldiers, the villagers will not be able to take care of the soldiers. The goal is to maintain the situation as best you can while waiting for reinforcements to come and save you from the current onslaught. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I can say in all honesty that I’ve enjoyed trying, and I’ll keep trying until I know my town is saved. word-image-10881 Surviving the siege of Gloria Victis Price: $19.99 Buy now Game name: Survive the siege: Gloria Victis. Game description: Survive the siege: Gloria Victis is a unique blend of resource management and survival strategy that makes the gameplay very interesting and engaging. Reviews of Unboxed

  • Graphics


  • Audio


  • Gameplay


  • Lifetime


  • Unique gameplay
  • Very good reproducibility
  • The choice changes the course of the game
Bad (and ugly)
  • It would have been better with a cooperative

7.7 3.8625 5 Review of Unboxed ReviewsFor those of you who don’t know, Gloria Victis is a combat MMO with full loot and open PvP, set in a medieval fantasy world. It’s still in early access, but has been continuously updated for years now, and has been a regular candidate for game of the year. While the game has many merits, one of the best perks is that it’s free. That’s right, no subscription fees. While there is a cash shop, all items are cosmetic, and can only be purchased with real money.. Read more about siege survival: gloria victis release date and let us know what you think.

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