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The Best Halberds in Dark Souls 2 (All Ranked) –

Halberds are long straight swords that are often used for thrusting or slashing. They are light and very fast, which makes them a favorite of many Dark Souls players. If you’re looking to play like a pro, we’ve ranked the best halberds in Dark Souls 2 based on their damage, speed, and weight.

So, Dark Souls 2. It’s the sequel to Dark Souls, and is one of the best action RPGs ever made. In this post, I’m going to go over the best two-handed halberds in the game, ranked from best to worst.

So, have you gotten an idea for your character? Have you made one? Do you have a favorite weapon that you want to keep? You are part of the Halberds! The Halberds are the best group of sword wielding allies in Dark Souls 2! They are the last group to be recruited in the game, and players often complain that they are also the hardest to get. Not only are they a great team, they are also the only group to have access to the fast, powerful Halberds!

In the 14th century. In the 19th century, someone looked at swords, axes and swords and thought: What if we had something like this, but longer?

And apparently this act blew people away with this level of innovative ingenuity.

Halberds are essentially extended versions of other weapons, often sacrificing speed for greater range and power. And that remains true in Dark Souls 2.

You also suffer from the same curse as the Reaper, which means that if you miss the target with your weapon blade, you take reduced damage (though the malus isn’t as high), so keep that in mind.

But if you’re interested in DS2 halberds, keep scrolling. We will be looking at all slants, sliders and spikes.

14. Old Knight Haliberd

Originally I was just going to rank the top 10, but instead I thought I’d do a short review of the bad Halberds in DS2.

Just in case anyone reading this has questions about it, and to serve as a warning of how terrible they really are.

So, first, we have the old knight halberd.

Appearances are deceiving, as its Dex scale can give the impression of a viable weapon.

And I’m here to crush those dreams and be honest: It’s terrible.


It has a staff of 20 units. 20 ! You hit 3 opponents and it breaks.

I guess that’s an option if you don’t mind changing weapons often.

How to get it: On the body in Heather’s Tower of Flame, after the Tower of Flame burned.

13. Old Knight Pike

An almost exact replica of the old knight’s halberd, but for power.

Suffers from exactly the same problems.

Go for it!

How to get it: In the Harvest Valley, there is a large enemy that breaks through the wooden wall and overwhelms you. Lead him through the second wooden wall behind him.

12. Helix halberd

Being more of a spear than a halberd, Chelix was once a problem for anyone who knew PvP.

But after its weakening, its use has declined dramatically.

And so the mighty Helix ended up in the sad and lonely landfill, where it now finds a niche among a small segment of players.

Open a list of copies of Dark Souls 2, throw a dart, and use whatever it lands on.

That would probably be the best choice.

How to get it: The stone treasure of Castle Farro in the sanctuary of Aman.

11. Lucerne

The following weapons (including this one) are not particularly bad. They are only very mediocre compared to the best halberds in the list below.

All Lucerne has is a penetrating shield, strong attacks.

Other than that, it’s pretty mediocre due to its scaling and damage.

Consider using it in PvP if you like halberds and have trouble with shielded enemies.

How to get it: Sold by Chancellor Vellager.

10. Braid

The name of this weapon offends me in more ways than one.

It’s not a scythe (it’s clearly a bard’s staff). And even if it was, it’s a halberd category, not a reaper category!

Very good, very good. Now I’m calm.

Where was I? Ah, yes, the list.

The scythe is very similar to the previous (and next) weapon on this list, meaning that overall it is very mediocre and unremarkable.

I don’t recommend it.

How to get it: Sold by Steady Hand McDuff, a chest in Shaded Woods near Tark, or found in Mist Tower after the first bonfire (this one +7).

9. Halberd

What a shame that the namesake of this type of weapon is so far down the rankings.

Again, a weapon that is interchangeable with a scythe or an alfalfa, with very average damage and stats.

You can use it in the beginning of the game if you don’t have better targets.

How to get it: Forest of the Fallen Giants, on a giant sword in the outdoor area in front of the Last Giant’s elevator.

8. Dragon Rider Halberd

On the front lines, with two different types of congenital damage, the dragonborn halberd is not my preference.

It’s a good weapon for a quality magic build (if there is one) thanks to its stats Strength, Dex, and Int.

But most of all, it serves as a backup to the Moon Sword.

The influence of magic changes the scales of power and intelligence. So plan around your best score between the two.

How to get it: Trade the soul of the dragon for wandering Olafis.

7. Cyan Halibut

I’m not going to spend much time on it, because it’s basically the best version of the old knight’s halberd – except that this halberd has some durability.

It’s also a good candidate for infusions, because the dex scale goes from A to B, but you also get an extra B in whatever you infuse it with.

How to get it: Leaving the Cyan soldiers with halberds.

6. Rage Axis

Here’s another weapon whose name doesn’t quite fit into the halberd category!

The anger axe is a very unusual weapon.

He has a special attack that does dark damage and builds poison, but the infusion of darkness somehow gives him a worse scale than the other elements.

At least he has a good Str and a base attack value of 330. So it hits hard and with good range!

How to get it: Trade the soul of Elana, Queen of Filth, for the weapons of Ornifex.

5. Blue Knight Haliberd

Now we come to the most important thing of all.

At first glance, it may seem like a halberd with below-average dex, but its true potential lies in the dyes.

When you inflict an elemental on a weapon, it usually loses a significant portion of its normal damage in exchange for new elemental damage.

That’s not the case with this bad boy, as it only loses a tiny bit (literally 7 AR), but you do get all the benefits of the brew.

Any elemental decoction is a good choice.

How to get it: Kill the blue guard Targray.

4. Lance Santier

Who put all those spears and axes on my halberd list?

Perhaps the strangest weapon on this list, the Santier spear is a disguised double blade/album.

If you break the weapon (after it has used its unusually high durability of 500), the set of moves changes completely.

It also has no scale, so you can focus your points on other stats like endurance and strength.

Note that the process is not reversible if, for some reason, you prefer the unedited version.

How to get it: Treasure by the gates of Pharros, behind the fire of Gyram’s Rest, before a large door with three sections. Use the lockpicker on the floor in front of the door.

3. Black Knight halberd

A fan favorite from the original Dark Souls returns here, albeit slightly modified.

Like all Dark Knight weapons, the Dark Knight halberd has built-in fire damage and hits very hard.

Although he has a higher dex, you have to focus more on strength because of the way multipliers work (stupid, I know).

How to get it: A shadowy forest, a room under a fire that needs a stinking branch, or the occasional rabid goblin.

2. Roaring Halberd

For anyone who has read our article on dark colors, the roaring halberd will look familiar, as it makes your enemies look like skeletons (see how the skull adorns the end? Not yet? Come on…).

This cool looking slasher is a dark and physical hybrid, aimed more at players whose spells are as dark as their souls.

You can boost its damage to insane levels by donning rings like the Ring of Blades or the Ring of Dark Embrace, and fortifying it with spells like Black Weapon.

Really terrifying (like sku-, okay, I’ll leave it at that).

How to get it: Trade the soul of the Skeleton Lord for the Stride Olafis.

1. Mastodon halberd

A colossal halberd does one thing, but it does it well:

He kills things.

As the best halberd in the game on the strength scale, the Mastodon Halberd is a very powerful addition to a Hollow’s arsenal, both against players and the environment.

Dyeing is a very valid option, although I personally prefer the regular version combined with waxing.


How to get it: Abandoned by the Primordial Knights.In the world of Dark Souls 2, tall polearms are the only way to go. Between you, the NPC knight, and the Dark One, the giant halberd is the king of all sword length weapons. It is the most powerful and efficient weapon in the game for the majority of players, and is the only weapon that reliably inflicts bleed damage.. Read more about dark souls 2 halberd sweet spot and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best spear in Dark Souls 2?

The best spear in Dark Souls 2 is the Estoc.

What is the strongest weapon in Dark Souls 2?

The strongest weapon in Dark Souls 2 is the Greatsword.

What is the best halberd in Dark Souls?

The best halberd in Dark Souls is the Halberd of the Blue Knight.

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