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What Software do Youtubers Use to Make Thumbnails (Best 7 tools)

Where do you find the best place to find a good quality thumbnail? YouTube? No! Google Images? No! You actually need to go to a website that hosts a lot of small thumbnail-sized images — such as iStock, DeviantArt and GraphicRiver— and pick up a bunch of fresh images. Then, you can use some great software to cut them into perfect thumbnails. Not only will you save a lot of time, but you’ll have the best quality images on the web.

I have watched many Youtubers (youtube vloggers) and have found that they all have different things they use to make thumbnails (screenshots for youtube videos) for their videos. I have collected many of these programs and will explain what I have found out.

You will like this guide if you want to know the best programs YouTubers use to create thumbnails of their videos.

The best thumbnail software is a must-have for professional YouTubers and beginners trying to make it in the big leagues.

Even if you just want to improve the appearance of your images and thumbnails for sharing on social media, there are thumbnail creation software that can help you create attractive thumbnails in minutes.

In this article, we’ll look at the best programs professional YouTubers use to create thumbnails for their videos. We also provide you with important information so you can choose the right device for you.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Thumbnail Blaster Software

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Many templates, artificial intelligence, add YouTube accounts, intuitive user interface, free trial : No, but a money-back guarantee – at best: Beginners and experts.

Thumbnail Blaster is a free online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create attractive thumbnails for YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and Instagram images.

I first mentioned this device because I had bought and used it before and was very impressed with the results.

You can save a lot of time by using this artificial intelligence software to create YouTube thumbnails that entice people to click.

If your thumbnails don’t grab attention, your video’s click-through rate (CTR) will suffer, which could lead to the demise of your entire YouTube channel. That’s not what you want.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

As mentioned earlier, it is an artificial intelligence software that helps YouTubers create professional thumbnails for their videos. With Thumbnail Blaster, you have access to over 100 custom thumbnail templates. In the program, you can test the thumbnails individually to determine which design template is best for your videos.

In addition, this software includes an image analyzer. It is a kind of expert system that examines photos to determine if they are suitable for your niche. As a result, your videos will get a lot of attention and clicks from the right audience.

Thumbnail Blaster allows you to link your YouTube account to the program. This is optional, but if you do it, you can automatically update the thumbnails of all your videos in this YouTube account. If you don’t want to add your YouTube account, you can just create and save thumbnails on your PC or Mac and then manually upload them to your YouTube videos.

This vignette program is available in three different versions: Standard, professional and agency. In the default version of the program, you can only use one YouTube account. Plus, you’ll have access to 30 great templates to get started quickly.

Thumbnail Blaster Upsells

If you want to add more YouTube accounts and templates to the program, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version.

And make no mistake, the standard version is very powerful and will get your videos noticed, more views and traffic on autopilot.

The Pro version takes things to the next level. While the standard version helps you get more views per YouTube account, the Pro version lets you scale up the entire process.

There is also an agent version that takes you to the bank and gives you the training and tools you need to make more money with the software. If you set your mind to it, you can turn it into a full-time freelance career.


Overall, the thumbnail blaster is the best image blaster for YouTube. Unlike other all-in-one tools, Thumbnail Blaster is specifically designed so that you only create thumbnails that are proven to get more views.

2. Canva

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Controls, templates, nice graphics, nice interface | free trial : Yes, it fits perfectly: Beginners and experts

When it comes to creating thumbnails for YouTube videos, Canva is one of the best tools available. Many very professional YouTubers use it. If graphic design is some kind of rocket science for you, this tool can be a game changer. It is so easy to use that even a 10-year-old can create beautiful designs with it.

Many YouTubers prefer to create thumbnails of their videos because of the user-friendly interface. With free templates, anyone can create eye-catching images that can be used as thumbnails for any YouTube video.

What is Canva?

Canva is a drag-and-drop graphic design software that allows users to create beautiful designs online. With many simple features, anyone can create and share a wide range of attractive designs.

This tool can help you create different types of content. Here you will find almost everything related to graphic design, from images for social media to presentations, documents and book covers.

However, many YouTubers use its amazing capabilities to create beautiful thumbnails for their videos.

Using Canva for YouTube thumbnails

Canva is the program of choice for many YouTubers because it is packed with incredible features, such as. B. A template library with hundreds of amazing templates that you can customize for your YouTube thumbnails.

The use of templates saves a lot of time. You don’t have to create your thumbnails from scratch, as there are pre-made YT thumbnail templates you can use.

Canva prices

Canva is a free program. While the free account offers many tools and features, there are many more that are available with a Pro or Enterprise account.

The free account gives you access to over 200,000 templates, over 100 design types, billions of photos and images, and 5 GB of cloud storage. Isn’t that too much?

A Pro account offers more features for $119.99 per year or $12.99 per month. This account includes all the free features as well as additional features like 100GB of cloud storage, over 420,000 templates with new designs daily, a background image removal tool and much more.

Canva Enterprise costs $30 per month per user. This plan is perfect for teams.


Canva is more than just a YouTube thumbnail software, it’s also a full-fledged graphic design software that can help you in many ways. Canva is a great option if you need a free tool with high-end features.

Click here to create your free Canva account.

3. PicMonkey

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Template library, beautiful images, nice interface, large fonts, easy to manage | Free Trial: 7 days | Best for : Newcomer

PicMonkey is similar to Canva in many ways. It is a software used by Youtubers and bloggers to create thumbnails and blog images for their work.

What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is a photo editing and graphic design software that allows you to create professional and eye-catching images for YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, cover photos, ads and other digital assets.

It provides simple tools to edit and customize images online. Crop and resize photos, apply filters and effects, and retouch portraits to turn ordinary photos into stunning works of art.

Creating YouTube thumbnails with PicMonkey

The amazing template gallery contains everything you need to create beautiful thumbnails for your videos.

Choose from a wide range of fully customizable templates, and add your own photos and text.

PicMonkey allows YouTubers to create and edit thumbnails quickly and easily.

PicMonkey Award

PicMonkey software is not free, but it offers a free 7-day trial. PicMonkey offers three different subscriptions: Basic, Pro and Team.

The basic plan includes all the basic features to get you started, such as a gigabyte of cloud storage, the ability to add videos and save your work in .png, .jpg, .gif and even mp4 formats. This plan costs $7.99 per month or $72 per year.

The basic plan is followed by the Pro plan, which costs $12.99 per month or $120 per year. This plan removes the restriction on cloud storage and allows you to download stock photos from Getty Images.

The Team plan includes all the features of the Pro plan, but with a discount for groups of three or more. This means you can view the permissions of other members of your team for just $33.99 per month or $300 per year.


PicMonkey is a great tool because of its ease of use and commercial capabilities. While it doesn’t have advanced features compared to Canva, it’s a good choice for entrepreneurs and anyone who doesn’t need a software that relies heavily on user creativity.

4. Fotor

Platform: Browser, Windows, Mac Key features : Drag and drop editing, stock image library, beautiful fonts: Yes, it fits perfectly: Beginners and experts

Fotor is a free online photo editor and collage maker that can also be used to create beautiful YouTube thumbnails. It offers YouTubers many features that make creating thumbnails easy and uncomplicated.

However, some very useful features of this software require an upgrade to the Pro version, and one wonders if one wants to pay for that upgrade, especially if one wants to use it only for YouTube thumbnails.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is a powerful online photo editor for professional and amateur photographers and creative people. You can apply filters and effects, edit images directly and much more. Both the free and the paid version of Fotor are easy to use and pose no difficulties for inexperienced users.

Fotor has a simple, straightforward design and comes with advanced photo editing techniques for those who want to try it for themselves. With this simple and easy-to-use photo editing application, you can achieve stunning results, test your creativity and encourage yourself to do more with your photos without needing extensive knowledge of photo editing and graphic design.

Using Fotor to create YouTube thumbnails

With Fotor, you can create eye-catching thumbnails just like YouTubers without having to be a Photoshop guru.

It’s easy to use and has all the basic and high-end features you need to work wonders with your video thumbnails, from adjusting the brightness to finding the perfect colors and eye-catching fonts.

Photo prices

Fotor offers three different packages: Basic, Pro and Pro+.

Fotor Basic is free and allows you to perform basic adjustments and effects on photos, perform basic adjustments on portraits, synchronize photos and access them from anywhere.

The Fotor Pro account includes advanced editing tools such as over 200 photo effects, advanced makeup, over 100,000 templates and design resources to get you started with your creative process.

The Pro+ account includes even more advanced editing tools and access to over a million stock photos for personal and commercial use.


Fotor is a great online thumbnail editing tool for YouTubers. Needless to say, the user interface is very user friendly and the overall look and functionality are excellent. Although basic and fine tuning are the main editing areas, the main advantage of Fotor over other tools is the effects panel. The effects panel contains over a hundred ready-made options. They give your images a special look that you won’t find in other similar programs.

5. Adobe Spark

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Drag and drop editing, ready-made templates, college creation, free tutorials | Free trial : Yes, it fits perfectly: Newcomer

Adobe Spark is a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for creating YouTube thumbnails and other graphic designs. It has one of the most extensive template libraries we’ve seen, which is perfect if you have little design experience or are looking for inspiration as a new YouTuber.

What exactly is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is an online software application. It is a graphic design platform similar to Canva and PicMonkey.

It is a standalone application that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. This tool can be used by individuals or businesses to create a wide range of images and content for social media, for personal or commercial use.

Creating YouTube thumbnails with Adobe Spark

It is a great tool for creating visually appealing video thumbnails for your YouTube channel with its awesome pre-made templates.

Using this tool as a YouTuber has many advantages. It is one of the best programs for creating short clips or animations with real frames, images and any kind of background sound, and for developing graphics to which filters and overlays can be applied.

Adobe Spark pricing

Adobe Spark offers three pricing options: a free version and two paid versions.

A free account includes all the features you need to get started.

However, if you upgrade to one of the paid plans, you get access to additional features, such as… For example, full customization of font and color, access to an extensive library of templates, and the ability to add your brand to images, web pages, and videos.


When it comes to creating thumbnails, graphics and videos for your YouTube channel, Adobe Spark is a great platform for aspiring Youtubers. It has one of the most comprehensive template libraries we’ve seen, making it ideal for novice YouTubers with little design experience.

6. Creatopy (formerly Banersnack)

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Large fonts, drag and drop editing, ready-made templates, learning center and excellent support, professional photo library | free trial : Yes | Suitable for : Newcomers and experts

Although Creatopy (formerly Banersnack) is a program for creating banner ads, you can use its amazing capabilities to create beautiful video thumbnails or other images for social media.

The user can create their own images or use images from a professional image collection.

What is Creatopia?

Creatopy is a cloud-based banner creation tool with many features that allow users to design and create beautiful graphic banners, and manage and deploy banner ad campaigns on various online channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

Creatopy is a simple tool for creating images compatible with many social media sites and online channels. It can support different formats, such as HTML5, Flash, JPG, GIF, PNG or MP4. It is designed for medium and large enterprises.

Creating miniatures for YouTube

Creatopy is a platform for those who want to create visually appealing graphics for their brands and businesses. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a YouTuber, freelancer, small startup, growing business or large corporation.

Using Creatopy is a fantastic YouTuber hack. You may be wondering why.

This tool is designed to create amazing graphics for advertising. And as you may know, the goal of any advertising image is to get people to click. So, if you are lucky enough to come across this tool, you will be able to create great YouTube thumbnails that will attract a lot of attention to your videos.

Establishment level Price

Creatopy currently offers users a choice of subscription plans, including a free plan and three premium plans.

A free plan will only provide you with the basic elements you need to start your projects. You can design and export up to three designs in JPG format with over 1000 free templates and hundreds of free images.

The free plan is followed by the Create plan, which costs $32 per month or $17 per month if billed annually. It offers you unlimited designs and over 8000 free templates and images to help you create designs quickly. You can create static, animated and video content that can be exported in any format. You also have access to customer service.

The Automate plan also costs $45 per month or $35 per month when paid annually. It includes all the features of the Create plan, plus an unlimited number of static and animated designs.

The Automate plan is followed by the Custom plan, which is intended for large teams with a large number of writers. If your team requires complex features such as API integration and multiple editors, you should contact support for a quote.

You can learn more about Creatopy’s plans, prices, and features by visiting their official website.


Creatopy (or Bannersnack) is a great software that YouTubers use to create thumbnails for their videos. It provides everything you need to get started, for free, with the option to upgrade later if you can afford it.

7. Photojet

Platform: Browser | Main Features : Excellent fonts, drag and drop editing, preset templates | Free Trial: Yes | Suitable for : Newcomer

FotoJet not only lets you create amazing YouTube thumbnails, but also photo cards, posters, comics and funny pictures, among others, all with minimal effort. It offers hundreds of fully customizable templates with a wide range of fonts, shapes, images and backgrounds, as well as great editing tools to personalize your designs.

What is Fotojet?

Fotojet is a browser-based graphic design program that allows you to easily edit and create images. The best thing about Fotojet is that it is completely free. You do not need to download or register the software before you can use it.

While there are professional features, the free version gives you just about everything you need to quickly create great YouTube thumbnails and images for social media.

Using PhotoJet to create YouTube thumbnails

If you are familiar with Canva (which is very popular), it should be no problem to create sketches with Fotojet. The layout is very similar to Canva, as are the main features.

With Fotojet’s library of templates, you can quickly create amazing sketches.

PhotoJet costs

Fotojet presents itself as a free tool, so its Plus versions are very cheap compared to other online graphic design tools. So if you are on a tight budget, Fotojet is a viable option.

The Plus version includes all the advanced features and costs $34.99 per year or $4.99 per month if you pay monthly.


If you’re a budding YouTuber looking for an effective and affordable thumbnail creator, Fotojet is a good place to start. It’s great to have a tool that doesn’t require you to create an account, but still allows you to create and export designs for free.


Now you’re talking. The 7 best programs used by YouTubers to create thumbnails for their videos.

As mentioned earlier, thumbnails are the most important factor to attract potential viewers and convince them to watch your video. This is one of the most important factors that determines whether people will click on your video or not.

While it’s important to make your sketches stand out, you also need good graphic design software to do it all for you. Any of the seven tools listed above will do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What thumbnail software do Youtubers use?

Many Youtubers use Adobe Photoshop.

What is the best app for making thumbnails?

I would recommend using an app like Pixlr, which is free.

How do Youtubers create thumbnails?

The thumbnails are created by the Youtuber.

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